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Seasonal Fruits in India: A Bounty of Nature's Goodness

India, blessed with a diverse climate, is a paradise for fruit lovers. The country's varying seasons bring a plethora of fruits, each with its unique flavor, aroma, and nutritional benefits. Here's a guide to some of the most popular seasonal fruits in India that you can relish throughout the year.

Winter Delights

During the winter months, India offers an array of citrus fruits. Oranges, kinnows, and tangerines are at their juicy best, providing a rich source of vitamin C to boost immunity. Guavas, another winter favorite, are packed with antioxidants and dietary fiber, making them a healthy snack. The luscious custard apple, with its creamy texture and sweet flavor, is also in season, delighting taste buds across the country.

Spring Freshness

As winter transitions to spring, strawberries from the hilly regions of Mahabaleshwar and Himachal Pradesh flood the markets. Their bright red hue and sweet-tart taste are perfect for desserts and smoothies. Pineapples, especially from the Northeastern states, start making their appearance, adding a tropical zing to the season.