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Cookie Clicker Overview

Cookie Clicker is a simple clicker game where the goal is to click on a big cookie to make as many smaller cookies as you can. To make cookie production easier, players can use these cookies to buy upgrades and unlock new features, like houses and special skills.
Introduction to Cookie Clicker 
Players in cookie clicker start their journey to build their own cookie kingdom by tapping on a big cookie. The more they click, the more cookies they make. Use it for purchases and new upgrades to develop your commerce.
How to play Cookie Clicker 
Clicking on big cookies to make more cookies is what Cookie Clicker is all about. Get cookies and use them to improve and unlock different buildings.
One of the main differences between Cookie Clicker and its predecessor is that the gaming is now more robust and changing. There are a lot of new mechanics, upgrades, and special features in this version of the game that make it more difficult, but they haven't changed what made the original so famous.